Always fresh.


Big freshly baked bagels enhanced with our exclusive varieties of Classic Recipe cream cheese.

Bagels and Twisted Rolls

Available each or by the dozen.

Dozen Deal

12 bagels & two 1/2 lbs. of cream cheese.

Bagel Box

12 bagels, 1/2 lb. cream cheese, plates & napkins with a gift tag to hold your business card.

Mega Deal

18 bagels & two 1/2 lbs. of cream cheese.

Mini Deal

6 bagels & one 1/2 lb. of cream cheese.

Breakfast Box

12 bagels, two 1/2 lbs. cream cheese, 8 jumbo muffins in an easy to transport box that doubles as a serving tray.


Cheddar Jalapeno, Classic Plain, Garden Veggie, Lite Classic, Onion Chive, & Strawberry.

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