Announcing Cold Brew Coffee!

Announcing Cold Brew Coffee!

Just as the weather is warming up, My Favorite Muffin is excited to announce the launch of Cold Brew coffee!

Using the Brewster’s® classic Breakfast Blend coffee customers already know, your neighborhood My Favorite Muffin seeps the grounds in cool water for 8 – 10 hours in small batches at each location. This process results in a concentrate that is smooth and naturally sweet. The concentrate is then diluted with filtered water and served over ice. Customers can choose to add milk, cream and/or sweetener to create their perfect cup. For an additional charge, customers may even request a pump of syrup such as caramel, mocha or vanilla to be added and create their own flavored Cold Brew.

Although “cold” is in the name and Cold Brew is traditionally served over ice, customers can also have Cold Brew coffee hot! A customer would simply request to dilute the concentrate with hot water instead of cold. The coffee will have the same smooth and naturally sweet finish but in a hot cup of coffee. Brewster’s Breakfast Blend is hand-roasted in small batches, using a perfect balance of coffee beans from Latin America. This blend creates a light body and sweet, bright finish for a medium roast coffee.

The hand-crafted Cold Brew coffee is available at participating locations. Please call your neighborhood store to inquire if they are offering.

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